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Mobile Grooming Services in Montgomery County

It’s important to make sure we provide the greatest convenience for our clients, which is why we offer mobile grooming services. We have two mobile grooming vans serving Gaithersburg and other up-county cities in Montgomery County, MD. Read more below to learn about our mobile grooming services.


As with any other in-home service, our groomers could be a little early or late depending on traffic. We therefore ask our clients to allow us a one-hour window before or after your set appointment time.


The best way to assure you have an appointment on a regular basis is to pre-book in advance. Many of our clients enjoy booking out for the full year.


There are times we understand you need to reschedule, and we do on occasion too. We try to keep it to a minimum, but groomers get sick, the vehicle has an issue, or the weather is bad. Again, this is something we work hard to avoid, but it does happen.

Dedicated Service

Mobile grooming is a treat for you and your pet for both convenience and service. We want each pet to receive full attention and focus from our groomers, which is why we hired our mobile grooming scheduler. This allows our mobile groomers to focus completely on the dog or cat she is working on without distractions from texts and calls.

Latch Key Option

For our clients who will not be home on the day service is scheduled, if you are comfortable, we can arrange with you to let ourselves in to retrieve your pet for grooming. We are able to do this if a key is left in a secure place or a code is given to us for the garage or door. A card can be left on file for billing or payment can be left for us at the time we arrive.


We are often asked if it’s appropriate to tip our groomers. Yes! Just like your hair stylist, our groomers also accept tips for the work they do to make your dogs and cats gorgeous each visit.

Extended Appointment Fee

If a dog takes over two hours to groom, instead of a flat-rate charge, we charge $85/hour. This is not an often occurrence, but when a dog hasn’t been groomed in a while, their coats become much harder to work on and much more time is needed.