National Certified Master Groomer

We are one of the only Facilities in the area to offer you a Certified Master Groomer on the Premises. This means that your Groomer has been trained in the humane care of your pet, grooming excellence, fair business practices and public health & safety. At the Groomery you can expect your NDGAA Certified Groomer to provide superior quality and service.

Exotic or Demure Styles

Would you like your pet to look like he was just about to take center stage at the Westminster Dog show or is he a beloved family member who simply needs to look, smell and feel better? Because of our personal experience in the show ring we can groom your dog in a show style or, with the correct coat, anything that your imagination can come up with. A groomer is always willing to consult with you as to what clip would be the least maintenance, or if your dog could get that Mohawk or Asian style that you always wanted.

Top of the Line Products

Because all pet’s needs are different, we offer various shampoo’s and conditioners based on skin and coat health. This insures that your pet will have a healthy, glowing skin and coat.

State of the Art Facilities

The difference between the Groomery and “Corporate” facilities is that our salon was designed, and all the equipment was selected, by a Master Groomer. The dryers are the safest and most efficient on the market. We have never had even one case of an animal overheating while being dried. In fact, in order to provide the highest quality grooming, most of the dogs are table dried. Our kennels are all sturdy stainless steel, the same as found in most veterinary hospitals. The tables are all electric hydraulic that can lift the heaviest dogs easily. Even the flooring is soft to protect the animals and our equipment from drops, 100% waterproof and yet strong enough to be used in an airplane hangar.

Cat Grooming

The Groomery grooms more cats than any other salon in the area. Since cat grooming requires a completely different set of handling and grooming skills than dogs, most salons don’t even offer this service. The groomers at The Groomery are experts in all phases of cat grooming. In fact, we have successfully groomed every cat that has been turned down by other salons. But wait a minute– don’t cats groom themselves? The quick answer is that cats do lick their fur, but saliva and a rough tongue don’t remove excess oil and dirt on a cat any better than it would on your own hair. All cats shed. Long hair cats can quickly get matted and short hair cats just leave it on your furniture. Regular grooming can help eliminate shedding and give you a soft fluffy coat on your cat that you won’t be able to resist petting.

Teeth Cleaning

We can safely clean your pet’s teeth. Our quality of service is excellent. Ask us about this important service.

Other Grooming Services

These Quick services are offered on a walk-in basis. Do your pet’s nails need clipping? Are his ears so hairy he doesn’t hear you calling his name anymore? We can clean, pluck and clip all of those necessary areas that you just don’t like to do.

Grooming Rates

We offer two types of appointments. The Standard appointment is dropping them off in the morning and picking them up in the afternoon or after work. We also offer a Straight Thru appointment. For this appointment, you have a designated time for drop off and your pet is groomed and finished generally in two hours or less. There are very few dogs, because of their coat condition or style of clip, that may take longer than two hours. There is a slightly higher fee for this service. For the ultimate in convenience, we also offer our mobile grooming service.

Your pet’s makeover is just around the corner!

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