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Roy Haaser, founder of The Groomery, is the only NDGAA Nationally Certified Master Groomer in Montgomery County with more than four decades of grooming experience. All the groomers working under him have attended a grooming school or have had prior experience. Even with this prior training, they go through three to four months of intensive training by Roy. The training continues for the next year and a half on the specifics of each breed, handling, and grooming techniques. Additionally, the entire staff attends a yearly seminar and trade show to keep up with the latest techniques and equipment. The Groomery started out as a business based on quality service and still hold to the same principles today.

Our clients say it all. These are some of the common reviews we normally get (thanks to Yelp)

“After many years of difficult grooming experiences we have finally found the perfect groomers for our cockapoo. They are so professional and clearly know what they are doing, it makes such a difference. They are excellent at it. Our dog looks great – better than ever! What a relief to know they will do a great job that takes care of her grooming needs and leaves her looking adorable. My only regret is that I just found them. I would recommend them and use them always! Thanks for your excellence.”

“I take my Wheaton here for her hair cuts and have her boarded when I head out of town. They do THE best hair cuts. She requires a bit more time to style and they do a great job (about sixty bucks). If you are going to board, consider they let the dogs play as much as they can when the weather is nice vs. one or two interactions at other places. I drive up from DC – worth the drive.”

“Excellent kenneling and grooming services. My gordon setter is well cared for when kenneled and able to spend time outdoors. Her breeder commended the grooming she receives. Finally she looks like the beautiful dog that she is. Great job Roy and staff!”

We would love to see you, please make sure you contact us if you’re interested in more information. Don’t forget to check out our grooming services, as well as our boarding. An remember, if you ever want to come and say hi, our doors are open. No appointments needed to tour our facilities!

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