How To Prepare Your Pet for Holiday Guests

Tis the season for tons of holiday parties and festivities. Keep your pets safe and happy during these busy months by preparing with these simple tips and tricks.

Create a Chill Zone
Several days before any major holiday gathering, create a “chill zone” for your pets where they can go to decompress if it gets overwhelming. Make sure this place has a comfy bed, toys, food, water, and any other items that can help calm your pet. Make sure the chill zone is located in a quiet, and easily accessible part of the home for your pet.

Keep an Eye on Food and Snacks
The holidays are a notoriously dangerous time for pets due to the overwhelming amount of food and guests. Make sure you speak to your guests beforehand to make sure they know not to feed to pets any table food. Do occasional checks to make sure any party food is not within reach of your animals.

Don’t Neglect your Pet
In the midst of the holiday festivities, it can be easy to forget about your pet. Be mindful of your animals. They still require the same amount of care. Be sure to take them on walks and make sure they are eating on schedule. If you neglect to feed your pet, they may get hungry and take matters into their own paws.

Be Mindful of Small Children
Unlike adults, small children may not quite understand that animals may be anxious around strangers. Speak to children and parents beforehand to establish boundaries. While your animals may be friendly, when backed into a corner, they may become anxious which could lead to disaster. If you see a child doing something to aggravate your pet, be sure to stop it before it gets out of hand.


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