How to take Amazing Photos of your Pets

Taking photographs of pets can sometimes be incredibly difficult. Just like people, pets have their own personality and sometimes that personality doesn’t enjoy having to stand still long enough for you to get that perfect shot. These pet photography tips will make your next photography session with your pet a complete breeze. Just in time for all those fun and festive holiday photos!

Quality and Lenses Matter
Like most things, the quality of your camera is important. If you’re looking to get a quality shot of your pets, especially if they are in motion, having a DSLR can really help to capture crisp photos of your furry pals in action. The majority of DSLR cameras come with presets that you can easily use to capture gorgeous shots without putting too much thought into it. However, you have the option of shooting entirely in manual if you’re really interested in taking your photography game up a notch. Here is a great guide on manual shooting to help get you started.

Patience is a Virtue
Just like newborn photography, taking photos of pets can be notoriously difficult because they don’t exactly understand exactly what you need them to do. Taking photos of your pets will require a bit more patience and a positive attitude. Avoid getting upset or frustrated with your pet. They can sense emotions, and if you get upset, they may get anxious, making it even harder to take their photos.

Getting In the Shot Too
Many DSLRs have apps that you can download onto your phone and use to control your camera. So if you don’t have someone to take candid photos of your and your pets together, you can do so with your phone. This will make it possible for your whole family to be together in your next family photo!

Dressing the Part
Showcase your pets personality by dressing them up. This is an easy thing to do this time of the year because pet costumes are just hitting the shelves in anticipation of the upcoming holidays. Just make sure your pets aren’t too uncomfortable in costume. Otherwise you’ll spend a significant part of your photography session trying to keep your furry friend from tearing off their costume. When it comes to costume, or photography sessions in general, comfort is key.

Plenty of Rewards
Finally, it’s important to reward your pet for their “model” behavior. Keep some treats on hand for their hard work. Positive rewards will help encourage them to be on their best behavior.


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