4 Things to do to Prepare your Pets for Fall

Pet owners beware, though fall can be a visually breathtaking season, it can pose many threats and nuisances to pet owners. Here are a few things to keep in mind to make sure your pets stay healthy, happy and out of trouble during the fall months.

Lighten Up
Fall ushers in many new things, including the shortening of days. While you may have been able to walk your pets after supper with ease during the spring and summer months, during autumn, daylight is not on your side. To stay safe during your evening walks, consider investing in a flashlight leash and/or reflective belts for you and your pet. You should also try to wear light clothing to make sure you are visible to approaching vehicles.

Keep an Eye out for Mushrooms and Snakes
While many people look forward to the break from the heat, fall is not without downsides, most notably the increase in mushrooms and snakes– both of which can be dangerous to your pets. If you allow your pet to freely roam your backyard, it’s important to do routine checks for mushrooms, and keep your yard clear of brush and leaves that may tempt snakes.

Have a Groomer on Speed Dial
While the autumn scenery is stunning, fall can be a notoriously messy time of the year. The added moisture and lack of grass can create a muddy mess for your pets. Its important to leave time in your schedule for the additional grooming that may be necessary. If you don’t have the time, or don’t enjoy grooming, now is the time to find a groomer for your pet. If you’re local feel free to visit our website to learn more about the services (grooming included) we provide.


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